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Wedding Packages

At Munster Rose we’re always mindful of your budget and know exactly what it takes to deliver zing bang boom floral on your boom pow zap wedding day.

Our wedding clients invest an average of $5k to $10k. Though, we are capable of delivering weddings that extend beyond $30k, as well as intimate events with lesser budgets.

Our wedding pricing is based upon the following:

  • Guest Count (30 or 300? It makes a difference.)
  • Seasonality (Do your flowers have to be shipped from Holland? New Zealand? Plane tickets are expensive. Even for flowers.)
  • Size of wedding party (2 attendants? 10?)
  • Size and scale of arrangements (Sweet & Petite? Bountiful & Bold?)
  • Types of blooms (Roses? $3/stem. Protea? $15/stem.)

Commercial Styling

Our commercial styling rates vary based on scope, timeline, and level of involvement. Do you need us for a couple of hours or do you need us to camp out at your studio for a week? We have separate rate structures for both. Our pricing is competitive. (We are reasonable people.)

Event Design Packages

From private soirees to corporate functions, share us your ideas with an estimated budget and leave the details to our creative design team. Let’s work something out.